Welcome to the many landscapes of my musical journey.

My genesisĀ began whilst tinkering in my mums farm house on guitar and now I write music professionally for an array of projects. For me writing music is a way to explore different worlds and you have landed in my city.

I like to live in different musical suburbs and have explored pop, rock, rap, dance, folk, country, electro & indie music. To some it may all seem like a realm of collision but on my many journeys I have discovered elements within each genre which now live within me as a valuable source for my writing.

Facts about my city:

I currently reside in Sydney Australia
I studied Audio Engineering and pursue my dream of being a producer and artist developer
I trained horses & competed in equestrian competitions
I have an assortment of laugh styles which I am yet to count

Recent Song Writing Releases:

Losty – This Year (Independent)
Adriana & Bianca – What Are You Hiding FromĀ (Independent)
Jamie McDell – Dumb (Universal NZ) Reached no.3 of NZ Singles charts
The Clique – Live The Life (Independent) Previously Third Degree from X Factor