Smirnoffs Voices of 2016 w/ Indian Summer & Esther Sparkes

Have had such a great start to my musical year with one of the many highlights being part of Smirnoff & inthemix’s Voices of 2016 – Indian summer and I have been working on a bunch of stuff writing and hopefully we come up with some magic – these boys can write a tune thats for sure. :)

Voices of 2016

Getting to write for Paces…

When I heard a track on Triple J by Paces I just knew he was someone I had to try and work with…such positive vibes and I cant believe I made it onto his newest release Vacation co-writing and featuring on the track Sometimes :) The album features some really amazing collaborations and the swaggy talents of Paces :)

Elizabeth Rose – “Playing With Fire” Co-write

Guest Vocalist with Losty on Kerser Tour February 2016

Kerser Febuary Tour

My mate Losty took me and his crew on a pretty cool adventure Touring as support with Kerser on his February Tour – Playing in Melbourne & Sydney – was a really awesome crowd and had so much fun performing – great bunch of lads!


Debut Single up on Triple J Unearthed || FREE DOWNLOAD




Debut Single Fortress Out On Itunes | Spotify | Apple Music

Fortress Hero 2 title2

My First Worldwide Sync – Make It Pop

Spectrum Now Festival at The Domain #ANZ_AU #SpectrumNow #ANZBlueRooms

spect1 spect2I had the opportunity to play some of my original music at The ANZ House in The Domain as part of the Spectrum Now Festival sponsored by ANZ AU and run by Sydney Morning Herald. It was such a beautiful venue and I had a great time meeting and performing alongside some amazingly talented emerging artists such as CUZN, Andrew Morris, Fanny Lumsden & James Eves. #ANZ_AU #SpectrumNow #SydneyMorning Herald #TheDomain #Syndey #art #live #music


Free Download of self produced track “Karmas The Bitch”

Losty Legacy Tour || Tech 9 Support @ Manning Bar